At The Mothership Group we are very proud to be able to support local business development.  We obviously try and do that by working with local suppliers and placing work with local partners wherever we can.  Liverpool has been good to us and we hope we can be good for Liverpool.  

In addition, as part of our group of businesses, we also have a charitable arm called The Mothership Foundation.  Each business pays a percentage of their profits into the charity.  The Mothership Foundation then uses this money to help causes that we all believe in.  

For example, we have recently donated a further £10,000 to Frederick’s Foundation. The really great news is that the Government has doubled this and with tax relief it actually means our donation is worth £22.5k.  Fredericks Foundation is a charity that helps people wanting to set up, or expand, their own business as a means to achieve financial independence whilst rebuilding their confidence and self esteem but are unable to access the finance required from conventional sources.  this donation will help

We have also been working closely with Frederick’s Foundation in setting up their North West hub, in Liverpool, by partly funding new staff and being part of both the local board and providing mentors for the businesses they fund.  This has been rewarding and we have seen some great success as a result.

In addition, we also donate every month to Be One Percent, a collective of individuals who give 1% of their income each month to help the worlds poorest people.  Our donation is specifically used to help fund the charity’s admin function to allow them to focus on fundraising and supporting the people they aim to help.

For us at The Mothership Group, we all want to succeed and do a good job but hopefully do a bit of good at the same time.


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