The UK temporary recruitment industry is worth over £30billion, with around 2.5m people choosing to work in temporary jobs. This represents over 5% of the UK’s total labour force and estimates predict that this way of working will increase by over 10% year on year for the next 5 years.  Getting access to and managing this huge workforce is potentially a logistical nightmare and costly in time, money, efficiency and productivity for both in-house recruiters and agencies alike.

At the same time, for those who want to work in part-time or temporary roles, finding the right hirer can also be a trial.  Last year, over 1.2million students registered with their local job centre and expressed an interest in working.  Yet only 800,000 of them were able to find jobs that fitted in with their studies.  Add to this returning mums who want to get a foot on the job ladder; people on benefits who want to supplement their earnings; recently retired people who don’t want to stop just yet; people who want to use the time they have between full-time jobs to make a bit if extra cash and you have a huge potential workforce looking to get access to temporary jobs. 

Which brings us to Red WigWam.  The purpose of the solution is to allow workers to register with their previous experience and skills, where and when they would like to work and how far they can travel.  Hirers can then load jobs, free of charge, to be matched against this pool of talent and matches are contacted by mobile, email or app to offer the chance to book the job.  

All workers are employed by Red WigWam who take care of monitoring right to work, managing payroll including holiday pay and NI. Since it started in April 2014, Red WigWam has been slowly building both the worker and hirer base and now have over 8,000 registered workers who are being booked by over 200 hirers.  To get involved is easy, just go to and sign up as a hirer or worker and take it form there.

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