The Mothership Community Hubs are a new venture from The Mothership Group, the business start-up company based in Liverpool. The aim of the Hubs is to build stronger local communities and to provide a platform for members and independent business owners to engage at a local level. Thus creating a more beneficial community based relationship for everyone.

The Hubs use social media to build presence and engagement. By allowing everyone to stay in the loop in terms of local events and offers it brings people and businesses closer together.

So far, over 120 community Hubs have been created with over 120,000 followers across the country. The Hubs have been used by retailers to distribute offers; for crowd-sourcing by small businesses for product testing; for advertising of local job opportunities and much more.

The Mothership Group is an exciting new company with of variety of business start-ups in its portfolio. One business is Red Wigwam, an online temporary recruitment solution helping people gain experience in various sectors and offering a helping hand back into work. This works hand-in-hand with the community orientated Hubs and the two have worked together to fill local recruitment needs.

Other Mothership businesses include; Jammy Pet, a pet lover’s subscription box of up-and-coming animal goodies; FMCG Talent, a headhunting business with a primary aim of mentoring the future talent of Britain; The Mothership Foundation, which is a charity focusing on making a difference at a community level to causes our Board are passionate about.

About The Mothership Group:The Mothership Group is a collection of agile, market changing businesses, mainly start-ups, that have a number of things in common; they are run by passionate people who are customer centric and have a desire to cause disruption in traditional markets; they all use knowledge and experience to solve problems and make a difference, particularly around the key areas of people and community; they all use technology and information as an enabler and they all have a strong business model that allows them to act very commercially.

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